Potter’s Place Mission is committed to providing the following:


Twice daily all throughout the year we serve free meals after service as we seek to transform people’s lives through God’s Words and his love. We also pray together with individuals before and after service to help them come closer to knowing Jesus personally.


We provide comfortable and safe housing in our own Community House for those who want to start their lives anew in Christ.


The purpose of our Native Art Gallery is to provide First Nations artists a place to help them gain confidence and financial independence by letting them explore their creativity in artworks. Situated on the first floor in our Community House, our exhibition space is frequently visited by local native artists who wish to continue their paintings, pottery or beads work.

Potter’s Academy

For those who want to study the Gospel more in depth, we provide a three-year Bible study program. We train and encourage each of our students to be prepared for future mission opportunities in the Native Reserve in BC.