At Potter’s Place, our mission is to visibly, tangibly and measurable transform the Downtown Eastside (East Hastings Street) through the power of God. That is, to see the street people come out of their present situation of hopelessness, and loss of self-worth, as evidence by their poverty, continual welfare dependency, involvement in substance abuse and addiction, prostitution and high suicidal tendencies, and have their lives restored for the glory of God.



Twice daily, all throughout the year, Potter’s Place Mission serves free meals after a worship service. This is done only by the grace of God who provides and the help of local churches and other missions who volunteer their time and effort as we seek to transform people’s lives through God’s Word and His love.

We also pray together with individuals before and after service to help them getting to know Jesus personally.


For those who want to study the Gospel more in depth, we provide a three-year Bible study program. We train and encourage each of our students to be prepared for future mission opportunities in Native Reserves in British Columbia.

Potter’s Academy ministers in cooperation with the Eastern Ontario District of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada in partnership with the U.S. Global Theological University.


This program has been designed with God’s vision and love for the First Nations people in Canada. The program consists of a five months training for faithful Christians with a heart for mission work.

The program starts at Potter’s Place Mission which is located in Downtown East side, Vancouver, BC  home of the majority of homeless and the destitute in the city. Students participate in the worship services at Potter’s Place Mission, attend Bible studies, lectures, evangelical English study, and companionship training all of which equips them for future missionary work.


B.C AYC (Aboriginal Youth Conference)

The Aboriginal Youth Conference’s purpose is to bring God’s healing and purpose to Aboriginal youth, and help them find their identity and their purpose in life so that they can impact others in their communities.

Since its beginnings in March 2013, a total of eight conferences have been conducted with approximately 30 students. The AYC conference’s goal is to help young people to make the right choices so that they are able to rise up to face the world of tomorrow and take charge of their lives.


Starting in 2011, Project-H is a program that allows individual Christians or small church groups to visit Potter’s Place Mission and minister the homeless and the destitute in the Downtown East side. Project-H is facilitated by churches and Bible college students throughout the country.


Hastings street is located nearby Chinatown, home of a vibrant Chinese community. Responding to the need to attend a community of senior Chinese citizens Potter’s Place Mission introduced the Chinese service in January 2014. This service was offered until December 2016.

Currently Potter’s Place Mission continues to care for the Chinese seniors and has directed them to a growing Chinese-speaking church nearby.


In the downtown Hastings residential environment those who want to change their lives are constantly exposed to drugs and alcohol and thus it’s easy to get back to the old way of life. Our community house has provided a safe and comfortable housing to those who want to start their lives anew in Christ.


Situated on the ground floor in our Community House, our exhibition space was frequently visited by local native artists who wished to work on their paintings, pottery or beads work. The purpose of our Native Art Gallery was to provide First Nations artists with a place to help them gain confidence and financial independence by letting them explore their creativity in artworks.


  1. Let the Holy Spirit anoint the daily service so that those who come to the Mission will be transformed in Christ.
  2. Many volunteers serve as part of the mission. However,we still need help in many areas; please pray that these needs can be fulfilled.
  3. Let the First Nation youth leader in every village rise up through the work of the AYC.
  4. Pray that every Potter’s Place Mission Ministry is blessed by God’s grace and that His name is glorified through our work.

* Note

Please check the Potter’s Place Mission YouTube video and pray for PPM Ministry and First Nation Mission.


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