Project H 

“True poverty is not a poverty of material but a poverty of worth and being wanted”

-Phillip Yancy-

Vision and purpose

Potter’s Place Mission has run Project H since 2010. Project H provides a volunteer work and training opportunity which promotes personal and professional growth, and equips volunteers to provide organizational support to the project and our clients ? homeless, street people, drug addicted people, prostitute and the socially isolated living in poverty. Volunteers are an important resource to our clients, providing experience, models, support, and an invaluable link with the community. Making the most out of your volunteer activities can be crucial to making a real difference and having a rewarding experience.

Program descriptions

Some of the volunteer opportunities of East Hasting project include:

Orientation and city tour

Learning about homelessness (Alcoholic, Drug Addiction, Prostitution) and feeding ministry, Hastings street tour

Sandwich and Juice ministry

Distributing sandwich, juice and hot chocolate on the Hastings streets and pigeon park

Homelessness experience program

One night sleeping on the Hastings streets or shelter(Optional). Parents permission needed.

Setting up the chapel for our daily service and serving meals and clean up afterwards

Food preparation and distribution in Potter’s place mission (twice a day)

Fixing and maintain building interiors and exteriors

Fix and clean Potter’s place mission, Art gallery and Community house (e.g. Painting)

Prayer meeting, Prayer walk

Prayer for the Hastings streets and homeless


Monday: Orientation and city tour

Tuesday: Sandwich ministry (AM.PM)

Wednesday: Juice and hot chocolate ministry (AM.PM)

Thursday: Food preparation and distribution, Fixing and maintaining facilities

Friday: Prayer meeting, Homelessness experience program

Saturday: Food preparation and distribution, Disbanding

Monday ~ Friday (9:00am ~ 10:00am): Theological perspective on street ministry


CAD 50 a day (room and board)

Contact Info

Address: 21 East Hastings Street Vancouver, B.C V6A 1M9 Canada

604 537 8717 (Pastor Deborah Chien)

604 688 2968 (office)